Miley, the Pope and the Web

Nov 14, 2013 by

Miley, the Pope and the Web

I figured I’d be writing about Miley Cyrus today. It’s been days since we’ve written anything about this in-the-moment shock diva, and we certainly don’t want to fall behind the rest of the worldwide media, documenting every twerk and toke taken by the onetime teen queen.

But as I was researching, I found an interesting tidbit: As much as it might seem to the contrary, current hot-topic badgirl Miley Cyrus is not the most talked-about person on the Internet. Nor has she been.

 That’s right, according to the latest survey from Global Language Monitor―an organization that somehow adds up all the discussions of people, places and things on blogs, social networks and news media sites, and then boils the results down to some easy-to-use handy, dandy lists―the most popular person on the Internet in 2013 is Pope Francis. And he largely became so popular by doing what a man of the cloth might be expected to do: He ministered to the needs of others.

Who did the popular pontiff beat out on the online stage? Well, the infamous NSA data leaker, Edward Snowden was second on the list, followed by a pretty princess (Kate Middleton), a Texas Senator (Ted Cruz) and a New Jersey Governor (Chris Christie).

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the GLM gang also points out the most popular words in use on the Internet. Number one, happened not to be a word at all, but rather the number “404,” the universally recognized numerical code for a website failure. It was followed closely by the word “fail.”

So I guess if I want to follow through on my Miley blog aspirations, I’d do so by reporting that the folks at GLM have given the wrecking ball gal a pretty clear picture of what she needs to be up to in 2014 if she wants all the top-shelf attention she craves. She can put away the foam finger and start touching people in positive ways … or start a national healthcare website.

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